Selfstorage Prices for Business Customers - Storage Units from 35 ft³ to 8,000+ ft³


Finally more room in the office: On favorable terms, you can store your files, documents and any other office materials not needed on-hand at Lagerhaus Ansbach. Here you will find all prices listed according to unit size – also available for download (in English / for US citizens).


Which of the two systems of storage units do you prefer?

Encased Storage Units 

  • Solid, opaque container
  • Ceiling height: 118 inches / 9.8 feet
  • Direct lighting in some areas

Grid Storage Units (“Economy-Box”)

  • Wire-mesh walls with open top (no ceiling)
  • Height of walls: 78 inches / 6.5 feet
  • With screens

**Applicaple for both storage unit systems:

  • Minimal rental period of 1 month, 2 weeks cancellation notice by end of month
  • Deposit to be paid upon completion of rental lease agreement: 1 month´s rent excluding discounts
  • One-time, flat processing fee of €20 – no further expenses
  • For a 6-month rental lease agreement - 5% discount / 10% discount with prepayment on the rental price
  • For a 12-month rental lease agreement - 10% discount / 20% discount with prepayment on the rental price
  • Insurance covering the content of your unit with a value of up to 3,000 Euros is included in the rental fee